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The Fresh & Onlys

Golden Void


The Asteroid #4

Death Valley Girls

Zig Zags

Tropical Popsicle

Total Navajo

Summer Twins

L.A. Witch


Ivory Deville

Dahga Bloom


Bandit Town U.S.A., 55420 Old Town Rd 226, North Fork, CA 93643


Bandit Town will open for campers at Noon on Saturday, August 30th. Campers are welcome to stay until it’s time to pack up and head out on the morning or early afternoon of Monday, September 1st (Labor Day).

All tickets include on-site camping and we have four ticket options available.

CAMP IN YOUR TENT – Bandit Town has a large horse arena, smooth and flat and kinda grassy. Allnight Campout tent campers set up and sleep here or on one of the hills surrounding the Saloon and the old church. We recommend you come prepared to carry all of your own gear from the parking lot to a campsite of your choosing. The walk will be no more than a hundred yards distance. Sorry, but we can’t allow you to drive to your campsite and drop your gear. Please carpool.

CAMP IN YOUR VEHICLE – Limited tickets available for this option. Small RVs, pull behind campers, conversion vans, station wagons, Westphalia, beetle bus, Tahoes, minivans or any van newer than 1979. Full size RVs are not allowed. Only buy this ticket if you’re bringing your van or camper. Any friends sleeping in your van or camper should buy a ticket to “Camp in Someone Else’s Vehicle.” Please carpool.

CAMP IN YOUR 60′S OR 70′S CUSTOM VAN– Limited tickets available for this option. This group is open to anyone who drives 60′s & 70′s custom vans – Airbrushed, CB radio’ed, fat mag wheeled, shag laden, space trippin’ psychedelic 60′s and 70′s custom vans. Only buy this ticket if you’re bringing your van. Any friends sleeping in your van should buy a ticket to “Camp in Someone Else’s Vehicle.”

CAMP IN SOMEONE ELSE’S VEHICLE  - My friend/main squeeze has a pretty sweet [ ... Street Van, camper, pop-up, tow-behind trailer, mini-van, hooptie... ] with an extra spot and I’m crashing with them.

FAMILY CAMPING – Kids are welcome as long as they are supervised by their adults at all times. We have some tucked away space set aside for family camping.

We are bringing in good and tasty food with vegetarian options. You’ll be able to stay on site all weekend and be well fed with all your thirsts quenched without having to bring your own food and without breaking the bank. We know most of you/us are not rich and we are not trying to get rich off of you. More detail on the food and beer vendors will be added soon in the Vendors section.

A note from Jen…

First and Always – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. I am beyond excited to share this amazing place with you all.

Please keep in mind this is my HOME. Please treat the grounds, buildings, bar, furniture etc. with respect. A couple people almost fucked it up for everyone at our last party and I am hoping to keep that from happening so we can all enjoy the radness for years to come. While I hate “rules” there are always Codes of Conduct in life.

With this in mind we are asking that no one starts an individual campfire or brings a grill and please no fireworks. Put out your cigarettes in the buckets, don’t put them out on my wood decks etc. The fire danger up here is HIGH. We will have a huge central fire pit and plenty of food vendors. Feel free to bring picnic style stuff.  We will also have a bar. The purpose of these parties is to support and build Bandit Town into a place we can all enjoy so we would appreciate it if you support our bar.

Also please don’t sneak in, it fucks the bands over and me over and all your friends that paid over.

Please pick up after yourself, I am not your mama or your girlfriend. This includes in the town of North Fork. We love our community and would hate to be thought of as the town shit heads.

There will be children present, please don’t be a drunken idiot. Please don’t be one even if there wasn’t children present. While many think from our instagram etc. that we are major party peeps we actually prefer a “Take it Easy” approach to partying. This is not a rager, it’s a Family Picnic with Rock Bands and Vendors. A place to celebrate and support our talented friends. Any bullshit and you will be kicked out, most likely a long way from home so please don’t fuck around.

We will all be up late and makin’ some noise but the place was shut down because of neighbors complaints in the past and it can happen again so after midnight please don’t yell, burn out on your motorcycle or do anything lame. We want to have a good time for a long time.

There is a rad lake (Lake Manzanita) for swimming and fishing 1 mile from Bandit Town. Feel free to bring your fishin poles, lake toys, swim suits, kayaks, bicycles etc.

Only well behaved pets allowed. We have farm animals that will be spooked, kids runnin around and a protective dog and I hate steppin in dog shit, so please keep this in mind.

Most of this is common sense so not tryin to sound like a bummer. This shit is gonna be good. Promise. Can’t wait to see you all.

No Outside Alcohol will be allowed in Bandit Town.

You can bring coolers for drinks (don’t forget to bring water!) and snacks to your campsite, but no outside alcohol. As experienced campers, we suggest freezing a gallon of water and putting it in your cooler, buried in the ice. It really helps preserve your bag ice and you can drink it as it melts.

SMOKING – Smoking is permitted, provided that you use ashtrays for ashing and discarding your butts. This part of California is highly susceptible to wildfire and even one errant flick could be the start of a disaster. This includes outdoor venues and indoor venues. Watch your butts or it’s your ass.

You can bring blankets and camp chairs for hanging out. There is a lot of shady, grassy area to hang in, well within earshot of our bands and DJs and other fun.

Portable shade structures are allowed, but please keep your campsite contained, share the space and the shade and save some room for others.

No fires of any kind (including candles or incense). No fireworks, camp stoves or firearms allowed.

Respect your fellow festival goers, campers, and our neighbors.

Labor Day Weekend
Two Days & Two Nights!
Saturday, August 30th & 31st
Free Parking & Free Camping
Fun & Games & Prizes!
Swimming Hole!
Bands & DJs
21+ Only
Coldest Beer in Bandit Town!
Food Trucks (Vegetarian Friendly!)
Campfire / Sing-a-long
Van Jams Contest!
Motorcycle Slow Race!
Shopping with Vintage & Handmade Vendors
Made in the USA!
Yeah, buddy!

Thanks for your interest in volunteering at the Bandit Town Allnight Campout.

Please review the following volunteer specifics and opportunities and, if you are interested, send us an email. Please be sure to read this page BEFORE sending us an email! If you have any additional questions after reading this page, again, send us an email.


ELIGIBILITY: All volunteers must be 21 years or older. See Volunteer Position descriptions below for any additional requirements.

REWARD: Volunteer will receive (1) ticket for the Allnight Campout (Saturday & Sunday) which includes tent camping space, a beer token at the end of each shift.

HOURS: Most positions require committing to two (2) three-hour shifts. A few job opportunities ask for daily or overnight shifts – details listed under Volunteer Position descriptions below.

DEPARTMENTS: Parking, Front Gate, Campground Host, Stage Crew, Recycling & Cleanup. Recycling and Cleanup teams get two beer tickets after each shift!

WORK DAYS: Most shifts are during the festival. There are limited opportunities before and after the festival on Friday and Monday. Please let us know if you are available to set up on Friday or help clean up on Monday.

Email with VOLUNTEER in the subject line and we will get back to you. Please email us the following information: Your Name, Age and your top two department choices in which to volunteer. Feel free to include any notes or special considerations.

*There are very limited volunteer positions available and submitting does not guarantee acceptance or crew assignment.


55420 Road 226, North Fork, CA 93643 (Google this!)

From LA (4.5 to 5 hours) Take the 5 North to the 99 North through Bakersfield to Fresno and in Fresno pick up the 41 North towards Yosemite. Turn right at a traffic light near a park n ride. The sign there says North Fork/O’Neals. Continue on North Fork road to the Shell gas station. Tune left on Crane Valley road which is immediately beyond the Shell Station. Drive to Road 226, turn right, and look for the signs. Bandit Town is on the right. Google this for yourself!

From SF (3.5 to 4 hours) Take I-580 E, Continue onto I-205 E (signs for Interstate 205/Tracy/Stockton),Take the exit onto CA-120 E toward Manteca/Sonora, Keep right at the fork, follow signs for CA-99 S/Modesto/Fresno and merge onto CA-99 S for 85 miles to Madera and take the Cleveland Avenue exit. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Millerton Lake. Turn left onto Ave 15 1/2/Cleveland Ave. Turn right onto W Cleveland Ave. Continue onto Tozer St. Turn left onto CA-145 N/E Yosemite Ave for 14 miles. Turn left onto CA-41 North for 8 miles and turn right onto North Fork Road. The sign there says North Fork/O’Neals. Continue on North Fork Road to the Shell gas station. Tune left on Crane Valley road which is immediately beyond the Shell Station. Drive to Road 226, turn right and look for the signs. Bandit Town is on the right. Google this for yourself!


There are other camping options nearby and close to the beautiful Bass Lake. Reserve early. when you arrive, tell us if you’re camping elsewhere and we will try to find you some in/out parking.  For those who are camping with us, you will likely be parked in for the weekend with access to your car for storage, etc.

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